The role of parents
To ensure the smooth running of our pre-school we ask the parents to help us with the following:

  • Please ensure that your child is brought and collected at the correct times.
  • Please sign your child in and out at each session using the signing in book.
  • When collecting your child please wait in the lobby until he/she is handed over to you. If anyone other than yourself is to collect your child please inform the manager at the beginning of the session. Please remember that no child should be removed from a session without informing a member of staff.
  • Please inform the key person of any issues, which may be affecting your child, however small.
  • You have access to your child’s progress file; you can contribute to this file by informing us of any developments at home.
  • To maintain a home - pre-school link.
  • To read the notice board, details of forthcoming events/meetings are displayed here.

"Stay and Play"
“Research increasingly shows that when parents are involved with their child’s education children do better.  Parental involvement is therefore an important lever for raising children’s achievements.”
(Teachernet 2008).

If you would like to “Stay and Play” for the whole or part of the session you would be very welcome.  Children love showing their family and friends what they get up to at pre-school.  You can be involved as much or as little as you like.

As a guide you may like to:

  • Play or read stories to the children.
  • Prepare snack and supervise snack bar.
  • Clean up as necessary.
  • Bring in an activity of your choosing.
  • Bake with the children

Please make sure that you sign yourself in on arrival
This is your time to spend as you choose during the session, as this is a special time for you and your child.


Observations and photographs of each child’s achievements are kept in an individual profile folder.  Parents are welcome to add to these folders to maintain the home to pre-school link. These are kept confidential but are available for parents and their children to access at any time.

Home Learning
All parents who regularly involve their children in home learning activities that ‘stretch a child’s mind’ can enhance their children’s learning and development. Close working between early years practitioners and parents is vital for the identification of children’s learning needs and to ensure a quick response to any area of difficulty. Parents and families are central to a child’s wellbeing and we aim to support this important relationship by sharing information and offering support for extending learning in the home.

Home Learing - Five a Day for your Child

Important information

  • ONLY staff and anyone with police clearance may take a child to the toilet. (With exception of their own).
  • Parents are allowed to bring younger siblings with them but they are the parent’s responsibility at all times.

We appreciate that some parents work and would find it difficult to help on the parent/carer rota.  There are other ways in which you could help.

  • Take toys and dressing up clothes home to wash.
  • Wash towels and cloths.
  • Help out on fund raising events.
  • Do the shopping for snack bar.
  • Be on our management committee.